Family is #1

The last couple of weeks have been an exciting time for us at VueReal and the office is just buzzing. It was a long application process for the SDTC grant and we were very fortunate to have been amongst the 14 companies to receive this.

The news definitely called for a team picture, it was actually our first team picture so it was a big deal.
Looking at all the different articles last week and taking a glimpse at our team picture every time I read
these articles, I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud to be working alongside such a talented team.

We’ve got team members with different backgrounds, life experiences, education, religion, ethnicity,
and age. The team is hands down one of the best teams I’ve worked with and I truly believe it’s the
unique characteristics each of them brings to the team that makes us a family!

We’re a start-up and things surely are busy. We’ve got team members focused on different projects
and tasks and sometimes duty calls and you will find them working in the wee hours of the night or
even on weekends. While we have to focus on meeting our milestones, we can’t forget about our
support system at home and be there when they need us!

Family for us at VueReal consists of our work family and external family - that’s why it’s our
number ONE value! We, at VueReal are a family and will support each other as we conquer some of
our biggest challenges yet. Our families outside of work belong to this family as well - they are
without a doubt our biggest supporters of all! They stand by us and support us as we go full throttle -
essentially, helping VueReal become successful.

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