Life as a VueReal Team Member (Co-op Edition)

If you are a student in a science or engineering program, you probably want to find a Coop/ full-time job that checks off some boxes on your personal checklist. When I was searching for my last Co-op, I had a few boxes I needed to check off. Some big ones were:
  • Work at a company that allows me to work on a technology relevant to my education
  • The technology and the work should be exciting
  • Learn new things to expand my skill set
Not only did VueReal check off these boxes, but it checked off boxes I didn’t even know existed!
After about a month at VueReal, I realized how important my education was for the job I was hired to do. I couldn’t believe it, I was using concepts from most of the classes I took in 3rd year. I found myself reviewing my old lecture notes time and time again.

I’m in the Nanotechnology Engineering Program at the University of Waterloo and finding an “industry” job relevant to my field is tough. This is because there aren’t many Nanotech companies around, especially in Canada. VueReal is a unique company. Not only do we use Nanotechnology, but we strive to push the boundaries and further the Nanotech industry.

The crazy technology that the company is working on is what makes the job exciting. Going into work every day is a pleasure rather than a hassle. With technology as advanced as this, one engineering/science field is not enough to make it happen. Everyone must work together. The Software team collaborates with the Mechanical team who collaborates with the Device team, who collaborates with the Materials team. This meant that you learned from everyone else. You have to learn about other fields to understand how to do your job better. Through this collaborative environment, you have the potential to gain many new and diverse skills.

At the same time, this style of teamwork is really fun. We are always joking around and laughing in the office. The friendly environment at VueReal truly fosters this collaboration and learning. The environment and open culture that VueReal built is the reason my expectations were surpassed. Before this, not once did I hear about a Nanotechnology company having an open culture, let alone a Startup.

What surprised me, even more, was how my co-workers treated me. I never felt they treated me as a “Co-op”. I was always respected by my co-workers and so were my ideas. The people, the culture, the technology, and many other unique characteristics of this company is the reason being a VueReal Team Member is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Written By: Pranav Gavirneni, Device Team Member

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