Why Work At VueReal?

In general, startups are exciting places to work. But what makes a great startup and more
specifically, what makes VueReal the best startup I’ve had the pleasure to join?
It certainly takes a lot to make a company successful, but I feel the following is what sets VueReal

The Goal is Clear.

We know what we’re aiming for.  It is about the tech and our MicroLED technology will storm the
existing display use-case and enable new applications not yet possible. That’s what we’re excited
about and that is what drives us.  

Innovation at all levels.

Experimentation happens in all of our teams.  Whether you’re testing a new process in the clean
room, automating a microLED analysis station or refining a test method.  
We’ll break some eggs.  There may be smoke (or a pop!).  Maybe one of our ideas doesn’t work out.  
But we’ll learn from our successes as well as our failures. And we’ll try again!   One thing we’ll never be is frozen with indecision!  

Passionate Founders with Vision.

Hey, leaders are important.  Proven leaders with a will to see their dreams through to reality are
rare.  And they’ll share that dream with you in weekly town hall meetings marking our status,
successes and failures.
When you join VueReal, you’ll feel empowered. The founders are in there, with you, every day.
And when you join them, they believe in you too.

You’re joining a family.

Speaking of “joining them”, I’m not kidding when I say you’re joining a family.  Nothing is as
important as your own family, but when you join our team, you’re connecting with a group of
people that you’ll spend almost as much time with...so we treat each other like family!  
You’ll know it’s a family from the very first meeting. We hire (or maybe I should say adopt!) some
of the best technical people out there, but over half of our interview process involves  evaluating
for a cultural and personality fit. And of course families eat together, so we always take time to
enjoy a catered lunch and catch up with each other!
The hardest things we do in life are also the most rewarding. Our technical challenges, the fun we
have working through them and the satisfaction we get from solving them are substantial.   Only the LEDs are small.   Written By: Joe Canhoto, Software Team Member

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