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Our COVID-19 Story

There is no handbook for dealing with a pandemic and at VueReal we are learning and modifying our plan as we learn more. I am extremely proud of my team and their support and am very confident that we are coming out of this even more united. We owe it to our teams to keep them safe and healthy and we truly care about theirs and their families’ well-being. In early February, as the global news around CONVID-19 continued to develop, VueReal decided to postpone all travel until we got a better understanding of the developing situation and we asked the team to work from home if they showed any signs of sickness, had recently traveled, or had been in contact with someone that has traveled. “Showing signs of sickness” was a tricky one to assess as it was the time of seasonal colds. I had questions like, “I have a mild cough, do I need to stay home” and the answer was “yes”. It was difficult to tell a hardworking and dedicated team that if you have a cough or have been having a runny nose

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