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Amazing experiences that I will treasure forever.

To be able to summarize my experience as a coop student at VueReal would be almost impossible in writing. Yes, it was filled with challenging work which led to frustration at times, but it mainly consisted of amazing experiences that I will treasure forever. I knew that I would eventually overcome any challenges I faced with the help of my amazing team, feeling an overall sense of achievement.

I remember my first week clearly. I walked in just before 9AM on Monday morning and was shown to my desk. Waiting for me was a nice handwritten note welcoming me to the team, and a backpack filled with VueReal swag. Sitting down in my chair for the first time, I remember thinking to myself “wow, these chairs are nice.” Then I looked around and was able to see everyone’s desk without taking a single step, which is something I love about VueReal: its open-concept office. I liked how my hardware team (and pretty much every other team in the company, really) had our desks connected to each other, s…

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