VueReal's Internal Internship

It’s been a busy year for us at VueReal but something exciting is coming down the pipeline. As we’re finalizing the final details, the team is getting excited for our first internal internship. 

What better way to leverage our industry experts we are lucky to have part of the VueReal family than to dedicate a couple of days towards an internal internship. What is it? It’s a short (2 day) internship where our team members have the opportunity to learn something that’s completely out of their comfort zone or something they’ve always wanted to learn more about. 

Why do it, you ask?
Why not?
As part of engaging our extremely talented team we wanted to make sure that the team has a bigger picture of our technology and be able to gain another perspective. Haven’t you ever wondered what other teams in your company are working on, or how you’re getting your product through the different development stages. Or have you ever wondered what it would be like sitting in the CFOs chair for the day to understand what his job entails?  We have too! The best part is that this program fosters fun, collaboration, and innovation - the VueReal culture! 

The logistics were daunting at first. How do you coordinate a team of 34 and squeeze it into two days. There is safety training, lab access training, and even equipment  training that team members need to complete beforehand. On top of it, we want this to be an all day - hands-on learning experience, which means getting those team members who will be training our internal interns to put together a plan and project for the day.

We started by educating the team by hosting weekly lunch and learns. Team Leads presented what their teams do and how they contribute to the development of our technology. We then asked team members to fill out a quick survey listing their first, second, and third choice for their internship. It was great to see what sort of things team members were interested in. All areas of the business were on the list…. Device Fabrication, Cleanroom Operations, Hardware, Circuit Design, Test and Characterization, Software, Micro-Printing, FPGA Design, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, Patent Writing, Finance, and even (yes, even) HR. Believe it or not, we have team members from our Legal team who will be able to learn how to fabricate microLEDs. How cool is that??? 

Here we are… just slightly over a month to go and we’re working on the final logistics and details. The month will be focused on getting team members the safety, access, and equipment training they need as well as getting hands-on projects developed by our trainers. A month seems a long time but it’s really not with all of the developments and tight deadlines the team has going on but with passionate and dedicated team members, anything is possible :)

If you’re interested in hearing how the internal internship went and what our team members had to say, be sure to check back for another blog.

Written By: Kristin Mueller, People & Culture Team Member

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